When Everything Falls Away

I was on the tram on Tuesday, heading to The Limelight. Yes, I tram it to gigs! Rock & roll! Anyway, I was lugging my acoustic guitar and a suitcase on the tram when a middle aged man commented to another random passenger saying, "so many stupid people nowadays, don't know how to sit on the tram". I was seated a bit awkwardly because of the awkward shapes of my gear, you see. You know what the funny thing was, I was actually going to get up and offer him my seat when I saw him but before I could, he already made this comment. What a jerk. So I ignored him and continued along.

I mean, I'm not complaining about lugging gear around but try lugging all this gear on a crowded tram to get to a gig on time and see how it feels like. We're all just trying to get from point A to B and go about our own business. Is it my fault I have a lot of gear? I paid a full ticket to ride the tram just the same as everybody else and no where in the rules do they say that you can't bring gear on the tram. Come on old man, keep your lousy comments to yourself.

On an up side, I've been taking trains a lot more lately and because the rides are so long, I just put on my mp3 player and listen to music all the way. The great thing is that when I listen to music, I get lost in my own world and everything around me just falls away. I don't care if other passengers look at me funny.


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