Venus In September Music Video

Broken Scar's first ever music video. Venus In September, shot by award winning film maker, John Cho.

There is such a huge story that goes with the making of this video I wish we had filmed the entire process.

Here's what the time-line looked like.

Saturday. I was back in KL at the time. John and I were catching up over breakfast just talking about very casual things in our lives. Then we started talking about music and films. That was when things started to happen. John was telling me about a film that he shot and went on to pitched me an idea of making a music video for one of my songs and I was stoked about the whole thing.

Sunday. We talked about it a little more but I was quite nervous about having enough time to shoot it because I was about to head back to Melbourne in a week. We planned ahead anyway because even if we didn't shoot it then, we could always do the actual shoot when I drop by KL again.

Monday. John had finished some storyboards and we were meant to meet up on Tuesday to discuss the storyboards and set a day and time for the actual shoot. We were on the phone when I suggested, "why don't we just shoot it tomorrow?"

Tuesday. So we did. We met up in the evening to discuss and plan some shots. Then we grabbed a quick dinner and headed out to begin shooting.

The shoot was such a cool experience in itself. We were in a car filled with lighting and camera equipment, you wouldn't believe it. Again, I should have gotten a picture of this. It was so indie that it was only the two of us. John hit record and started driving around in his car while I played to a CD player that wouldn't stop skipping. We shot in a few locations and when we finally finished in the wee hours of the morning, we were knackered. All in all, it was a fun experience!

The following Saturday, John had already put together a rough cut of the video. This dude works fast! John, YOU'RE A LEGEND!

So here it is, the music video for Venus In September. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Venus In September Music Video”

  1. # Blogger albert

    Sweet! The overlays remind me of RHCP - Under The Bridge.  

  2. # Blogger albert

    Sweet! The overlays remind me of RHCP - Under The Bridge.  

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