YouTube Baby!

If you're wondering why I've been posting so many YouTube videos lately, it's because I haven't been able to sleep very well at night for more than a week now and instead of just tossing and turning, I figured, I may as well jump on YouTube and actually learn something. Initially, I thought I'd keep myself entertained, eventually tire my eyes out and be able to sleep but it turns out, I've been learning so much instead. For example, I just learnt that Nuno Bettencourt of the band Extreme plays for Rihanna too. I was just surfing and came across Rihanna's live show and spotted Nuno in the background. I googled it and confirmed that he does play for her. Check out the video below.

Anyway, watching YouTube is actually quite educational if you're not just watching pandas sneezing or Indonesian babies smoking. I know it sounds lame and geeky but I think my songwriting and guitar playing has gotten a little bit better in the last week by simply watching YouTube. I mean, my musical knowledge just expanded on a steep curve! Crazy!


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    Check out this guy, pretty cool:  

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