The Violet Flames

I just got home from mixing The Violet Flames at The Espy in St. Kilda. The Violet Flames were freakin awesome and the crowd was amazing. They're only a 3 piece band but don't let that fool you because they sound HUGE! I had such a great time mixing the boys.

On a side note, St. Kilda was windy tonight but thank God it wasn't freezing. It was the calming kind of windy beach weather, the kind that you'd want to take a slow stroll by the shoreline and listen to the water crash into the sand and rocks. There was something about the St. Kilda air that made it romantic. I wish the weather stays this way so we don't freeze out butts off when the wife and I go see The Cat Empire soon.

On a completely random note, in my quest to find a healthier snack, I bought those low fat crackers from Safeway the other day and guess what, it is absolutely tasteless or rather, it tastes like cardboard and it's so hard that it cuts your mouth! So, goodbye low fat crackers. Moving right along to the next snack please.

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