Nine Point Two

Wow, I really forgot how cold it gets in winter here in Melbourne. It's 9.2°C now. *Shivers* The cold makes it the best environment to be lazy. Plus, it rained on us big time today which really made it a "stay under the covers" kind of day.

Anyway, in spite of the rain and cold, I met up with the band for a rehearsal to run through all the songs and to work them all out. It's sounding really good and we can't wait to hit the road with the new line up. Stay tuned till we unleash the Melbourne line up.

On another note, I've been really busy producing a radio show on SYN 90.7 and it's been heaps of fun despite the late nights and the lack of sleep. It's called The Limelight Hour featuring the best of Melbourne's independent artistes. The show is slowly coming together now as the sweepers are being made and songs are being collected. Asami, Giulia, Lionel, Julian and myself will be heading to the studio tomorrow evening to record the show's very first jingle! There's lots of work to be done but we're all stoked! Check out our debut on Saturday, May 2nd. 4pm to 5pm on SYN 90.7.

Stay tuned!

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