Never Ever Again

You know how some musicians work with only a particular brand of cables or how certain audio engineers work with only one particular brand of batteries? That's me. If you know that a particular brand works best for you, stick with it, stay loyal because that brand will never let you down.

For the record, I want to say that I will NEVER use Duracell batteries every again. They are simply unreliable and they have failed me four times in my career.

The first: was during an Outside Broadcast where the wireless microphones died in the middle of a broadcast.

The second: was also for an OB. The common practice was to change new batteries for all the wireless microphones before the concert so that it is less likely for them running out of batteries during the concert. But guess what happened, brand new box of batteries, put them all in and they ALL don't work. Tested them with a meter and it turns out they were all DISCHARGED!

The third: was during a concert. Only this time it was more crucial. It died during the start of the set, although the batteries have just been changed. It was a good thing I kept the "used" batteries. Swapped them, and it worked.

The fourth was the last draw. Swapped a brand new battery in my guitar because it was suspected that my original battery was "faulty". Let's just say that the swap made things way worse!

The bottom line is, I ONLY USE ENERGIZER BATTERIES, and they have always been fine. They are reliable, they have served me well and they have never let me down. So why did I end up using those Duracells in those 4 occasions you ask? It wasn't by choice. It was more of a, "here you go, here's a box of Duracells". Then I'd go, but I want Energizers. "Oh, don't be such a fussy pot", they'd say. But see what happens when you use Duracells?

So yes, ENERGIZER is king and Duracell sucks!

To all you musos and audio engineers out there who needs to use these batteries as part of your bread and butter, invest in Energizers. They are not any more expensive anyway! They're almost the same price. So here I am raving about Energizers, don't let me down now, okay?

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  1. # Blogger albert

    I am glad that whenever I need to get alkalines, I can always find Energizers. Haven't run into Duracells much really.  

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