Day Two & Three: Canberra & Sydney

Hello from Castlehill, NSW. I finally have some time to sit down and update compared to the last one which was such a hurry. I literally had to run out of the Internet cafe the moment I hit "post".
Anyway, I'm hanging out in a huge mansion with a swimming pool and all (Pictures when I get back to Melbourne). It's awesome! To be honest, the last two days have been a big blur but it's been a great trip so far. I'm trying real hard to recall the events of the past 48 hours and here goes.

Day Two: 11 September 2008
After staying overnight at Mikey's place in Newcastle, we drove to Canberra on Thursday afternoon. The gig in Canberra was at the Tuggeranong Youth Centre and there wasn't much that I could do, sound wise. I ran my kick mic, a snare, lead vox and ran my wireless mic for Mitch's vox. It still sounded good despite the modest equipment provided. My 901 is amazing for the kick. It's the best piece of equipment I have! I also mixed headliners, The Red Shore. Had a panic attack after we left the venue though. I left my bag behind and we had to turn around to get it. I felt like an idiot. We drove into the night and headed past Sydney to Castlehill. We drove past the Hillsong church, which I think is the main church.

Day Three: 12 September 2008
So now we're just chilling in this mansion. Had an easy breakfast and the rest of the boys are shooting some pool. I was so tired last night I fell asleep instantly. I think the key to getting a good sleep is tiring yourself out dry. But then again, it was 6am when we went to bed. It's a good thing we got today off to just chill a bit. I need the rest just to organise my brain a bit. It's all over the place right now. I'm gonna go take a shower and catch up with the boys now. I'm gonna go explore the house! We're heading out to St. Claire tomorrow.
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