The Weekend That Began On Thursday

EDIT: Pictures uploaded.

Like the title of this post suggests, my weekend began on Thursday.

After a week that included the Seventeen Magazine photo shoot, jamming, the Central Market gig and a final jam session, the weekend began. The time came for the Project Bazooka show that featured Broken Scar and Curtis Blues Review at The Laundry, The Curve. It was a show that I’ve been very eager about since we got a call for it.

Alex had jammed with Alda and I twice, preparing for the seven song set at Laundry while Paul joined us for the second session before the show. My schedule was so packed that I informed Paul about the show a little late, but not too late to practice. So due to the late notice, I arranged the set in a way that we will feature Paul for the last two or three songs. While jamming, it turned out that he was comfortable with all the seven songs. SWEET!

Thursday, 15 June 2006
All of us except Paul were at Laundry in the afternoon for sound check at around 2pm. Leonard was the sound engineer for the show. However Wafiey called up and said he would engineer for us. So we had two engineers for the show. Fantastic! Leonard did the sound check while Wafiey engineered for the show with Leonard chipping in.

I think I had the most relaxed and fun sound check ever this time around. It was one of the longest sound checks too as we had to set up the stage from almost scratch including setting up the drums, positioning the drums, amps and mic stands, clearing up the web of cables and sorting out the layout of the carpet and the stage. It was fun though as we could customize the stage to our liking. This sound check would have been by far the closest to a concert like sound check where you rehearse the songs in the set, running through the fast songs, slow songs, loud songs and the softer songs. Leonard did a great job too, sorting out the sound, monitors and the works. I think the whole sound check took about two hours!

After sound check, Alda left to return to teaching while Alex and I went to borrow some cymbal stands and a snare. We returned to Laundry when Curtis Blues Review were doing their sound check to dump the gear and left to Alex’s place.

We hung out and watched the Roadrunner Records DVD and listened to Alex’s old band! It’s cool how both the drummers I work with are so into metal.

We headed back to Laundry at 730pm. We set up the stage, ready for the show.

After everyone in the band arrived, we did an interview with Effa and her team for an English entertainment program, In Sight for RTM 2.
It was a very laidback interview. We were seated on a couch just sharing our views about the Malaysian music industry, our background and of course we had to plug our debut record!

Dinner was on the house after the interview. Superb food I tell you. I expected the food to be simple but it was stuff from the menu which was great! It was more like a feast rather than a dinner. I didn’t dare eat too much as we were about to play. Dinner was at 9 and it was a good one, hanging out.

We then kicked off the show around 10pm. Here is the set list for those of you wondering what the titles of the songs were.

1. Bleeding
2. Venus
3. Hey You
4. Clocks
5. Soul Reaper
6. Down
7. Scratch

I think the sound was great as we heard ourselves clearly on stage and according to some friends, it sounded alright from the front of house too. I felt that the sound was balanced. At most gigs, the vocals normally tend to drown out, but this one was fine. We had a great time and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. We hope you did too. Feedback is highly appreciated.

Alex and I hung out a little more after the show with some friends and eventually headed home.

Here's a shout out to dD, Nana, F e e, Irman, Badak, Ishaq, Tania, The Angels, Elaine, Melanie, and everyone who showed up. It was a freaking good time! Oh Bianca, woot! Thanks heaps for helping out. Thanks to Leonard and Wafiey for the excellent sound, The Laundry for hosting this wonderful event and Yuri for organizing it and having us to play. Huge thanks!

Look at the typo, do we sound like the Mighty Mighty Bostones? Haha

Mr. Alda Tan on bass

Mr. Paul Chuah from Qings & Kueens on lead guitar

Mr. Alex Ang from Cosmic Funk Express on drums

Rockin' Out!

*The pictures above are courtesy of Albert Ng

Friday, 16 June 2006
Friday was just a blur. I think I spent it just sleeping, chilling out and practicing for the weekend shows.

Saturday, 17 June 2006
Two shows again on Saturday.

It started with the Inti College Carnival in Subang. I played solo and it was only a short two song set. It was good though to play to students as the target audience is more concentrated. The carnival had heaps of good food but it was expensive. Not to mention the parking too. I should have parked inside the college but I parked at Asia Café instead. The damage was 10bucks! Then it rained which made the whole place pretty much miserable. Due to the rain I couldn’t get my car and keep my gear. Bryan and Two Sides To A Story were there too at the show. We hung out a while which turned out great because May and Choy from MTV showed up and I got to snap a picture with them. It was all good fun.

After the commotion, I finally managed to borrow an umbrella and sorted the car and gear issue out. Then I was off to hang out some more at a friend’s place. Not long after, we all left and headed to Alliance Francais for the second show for Fete De La Musique. It was an interesting show. It had rained before and it was pretty gloomy there too. There were two outdoor stages and one inside. I was scheduled to play in the café but there wasn’t anyone there. So I played at the garden stage which was cool. The organizers limited the set to three songs, but since the audience wanted more, they kept yelling “one more, one more, come on, one more song!” So I went, “okay, I’ll play to you while the next band sets up”. I walked around with my guitar while singing Scratch. It felt like Woodstock 1994 because there was mud all over the place. Again, it was all good fun.

My friends and I headed out for a very late dinner after and this was when the ride began! We got lost! So we went in rounds and we arrived to eat REALLY late. We headed to Maison after that to hang out more. I left early because there was the SMKDJ show the next day.

Caught up with heaps of friends and bands. By the end of it all I was dead tired. I finally got home at 330 and my car was covered in mud because it got caught in a muddy ditch earlier and the wheel sorta got stuck and it spun the mud all over. So I washed the car as much as I could but it was so dark I couldn’t really see much. Finally closed my eyes at around 4 plus and the alarm was set at 7am.

Bryan & I

Two Sides To A Story


The MTV Twins, May & Choy. This would probably be every man's dream come true.

Now you see her...

Now you don't...

In you go, make sure the door is closed.

There you go, 21 students in a mini. This gave them a world record.

Later at night @ Alliance Francais for Fete De La Musique.

Sunday, 18 June 2006

7am. Press snooze button.
730am. Finally woke up.
815am. Left home.
850am. Arrived at SMKDJ
1030am. Performed “Down” solo for DJ Factor, talent contest as a guest artiste.
1145am. Performed “Scratch” and “Down” at carnival’s main stage as guest band.

I think this would be the earliest show I’ve played since I left high school as most of the shows I play are at night or in the afternoon. The whole school vibe kinda brings back memories of my high school life even though SMKDJ wasn’t even my school.

It was a typical school carnival for raising funds, just that this one was much cooler! They had heaps of food around the school compound and canteen area. They had canopies set up where the car park usually is to shade the tables and chairs for people to hang out and eat. There were also very cool games set up for all. The coolest game in particular was the dunking one where someone sits on a platform while people aim for the target to dunk that person on the platform into the water tank below. My school never had anything like this.

Another highlight was the DJ Factor talent contest. I should say that all the contestants were fantastic. Such young and raw talent, if only I had enough money to become a talent scout. There were two guys in particular that were really talented. Jebat and Daniel. Jebat man! Whoever who has that name has to be cool man! JEBAT!

Alex arrived in time for the DJ Factor. After all ten contestants finished their songs, I played. I went up with my Norman acoustic and plugged in. But when I started playing, I heard distortion man! COOL! The kids were amazing. Thanks heaps for the awesome support!

After that Alda arrived. We hung out a bit and then we were on for our band performance at the main stage. Broken Scar played as a three piece. I broke a string right at the intro so Alex and Alda did a drum and bass solo while I replaced the string. In no time, I jumped back on stage and hit Scratch followed by Down. Again, thanks so much to all the teachers, students of SMKDJ and everyone else who turned up. We had a blast!

DJ Factor. Unfortunately, I couldn't snap pictures of myself...

Alex & Alda

Happy Alex

Rock Alex!

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  1. # Blogger nocturnal

    Whoa, finally finished reading the entire post. Great write up! Was good fun reading it and enjoyed the pics too.

    Count your lucky stars - RM10 for parking is close to nothing :)  

  2. # Blogger Broken Scar

    It's only a few aussie bucks huh? Hehe  

  3. # Blogger Broken Scar

    It's only a few aussie bucks huh? Hehe  

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