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This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now. Here’s why I posted these pictures of Avril Lavigne and Kelly Clarkson. Read on.

There’s someone that links the two. His name is Ben Moody. No, this is not some boy-girl-relationship Hollywood gossip. Still interested?

Ben Moody was the lead guitarist for rock band Evanescence, a band that he formed while in high school with Amy Lee. So what does he have to do with Avril and Kelly?

Ever noticed how Avril’s and Kelly’s songs have that similar rock edge? Ever wondered why some of the songs and style have a similar feel and sound? Also noticed similarities in the vocal harmonies?

This is because Ben Moody was involved in the song writing process for some songs with both Avril and Kelly. He co-wrote the tracks "Nobody's Home" and "Take Me Away" with Avril on her sophomore record, Under My Skin. He also collaborated with David Hodges and Kelly Clarkson on Clarkson's most recent album, Breakaway. Moody and Hodges helped co-write Clarkson's single "Because Of You" and "Addicted." And guess what? “Because Of You” was also co-written by Avril.

Avril’s album, Under My Skin debut at No. 1 in U.S.A, U.K., Germany, Japan, Australia, Canada, Spain, Ireland, Thailand, Korea and Hong Kong and sold more than 380,000 copies in U.S.A in its first week. Her track "Nobody's Home" did not make the top forty, though it reached the number one spot in Canada.

Avril Lavigne also worked with the following song writers. Chantal Kreviazuk, Butch Walker of Marvelous 3, and her former lead guitarist Evan Taubenfeld. Kreviazuk's husband, Our Lady Peace front-man Raine Maida, co-produced the album with Butch Walker and Don Gilmore.

Clarkson’s single releases from Breakaway however, proved very successful, and allowed it to become certified five-times platinum in the U.S. on January 18, 2006[14] and quadruple platinum in Canada on September 29, 2005.[15] In Australia, the album reached number two. Her single, “Beacause of You” went on to peak at No. 6 in the US.

I couldn’t help but to notice the similarities in the song writing and especially the vocal harmonies in both Avril’s and Kelly’s songs, so it prompted me to do this. I just had a very strong feeling it was either Avril and Kelly influenced each other or they collaborated. I also had a strong gut feeling that they could have shared the same song writer. My other guesses were that they had the same vocal coach or the same producer. I was close enough.

With the right song writers, producers, the entire management and promotions teams and A&R, I can safely conclude that the artiste will likely be a hit. A little saccharine packaged product will not hurt.

Thanks to Alda for the initial info that sparked this off.

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P/S: Avril and Kelly are my current favourite female singers.

6 Responses to “Ben Moody”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    yup yup. not many ppl know about ben moody. all thought he was jst the guitarist for evanescence. he actually cowrote some songs even b4 he started the band.


  2. # Anonymous ivan

    what happend to evanescene anyway?  

  3. # Blogger Broken Scar

    There was a lot of thrash talk and rumours all over the net and mags going around saying that Ben Moody was just a guitarist in Evanescence, he could be easily replaced and he is untalented. Too much thrash going on. If all that talk is true, Ben wouldn't have been so successful. Though he is not in the limelight and recognized for his work, people who appreciate song writing will. And I guess he chose to do just that.

    As for Evanescence, I don't quite know what happened to them. After Ben left, they've just been pretty quiet.

    Maybe that's something else to blog about? hehe  

  4. # Blogger Shavain

    hey there are similarities in the styling also wey o.O  

  5. # Blogger nocturnal

    Great write up! How interesting.  

  6. # Blogger Broken Scar

    Shavain, Similar appearance too right? I surfed the net to find pics that looked most alike. I didn't work hard at it enough coz these aren't the best pics around. hehe.

    Nocturnal, finally, I got it out of the way and put it into perspective. However, these aren't solid conclusions. They're merely my own opinions. Cheers! Hugs  

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