1. Drivers on the road should learn how to drive more safely. It doesn’t mean that you can hop a lane immediately just because you’ve hit the indicator. Look in the rear view and side mirrors first before you change lanes or make a turn. There could be a car or motorcycle right beside you which you don’t see because they are in your blind spot.

2. It is difficult to predict the speed of cars traveling on the highway, so please, hop lanes only when there is a distance large and safe enough to make that lane swap. Don’t be a hero and jump out of your lane right into the speed in front of cars which already have a pretty good momentum on that lane.

3. Oh, if you come out of the junction, PLEASE STEP ON IT! Again, cars which are already moving along the lane have picked up enough speed and momentum, so don’t kill the flow! STEP on it!!!

4. It’s insane when you sleep so much yet you don’t feel rested at all.

5. It’s annoying when you want to sleep and your mind starts thinking about a million and one things which prevent you from sleeping soundly, or falling asleep in the first place.

6. It is worse when you get up, try to work and because you’ve lacked sleep, you’d be too tired to think and work.

7. During jamming days, the whole day before the session would just be a slow motion ride, blurry most of the way, thinking about sleeping almost the whole time. I feel that my day only starts at night when I jam. I feel alive when I jam. After jamming I'd be so awake that I can't sleep.

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