Open Mic @ The Laundry

Thursday night was a blast! I headed out to jam after a long day at work and I was indeed exhausted even before the session. Somehow, I felt that my day actually started at jamming. It always refreshing and regenerating. Miss jamming with the band.

I headed to The Laundry after jamming. I didn’t plan to go at first because I knew I’d be dead tired. But heck, I went anyway to catch Rhapsody play and to catch up with friends. Man, would I have regretted if I had not gone. It was like walking in to a family reunion, except that it was a million times better! No family politics and childish games. It was just good fun hanging out with friends, who I think are family to me.

Because I came from jamming, I had my guitar in the car and when Reza asked if I wanted to open mic, I thought, why not!

All the acts were simply amazing that night and it was just awesome soaking it all up. When it came to open mic, I was literally shivering, thinking, “how am I gonna deliver?”, but I jamming earlier warmed me up already and I just did what I love doing the most. Because I just came out of jamming with the band, I played the two songs, Down and Scratch as if I were playing with the band. I could almost hear them just behind.

I told myself while driving to The Laundry, “I’m just gonna stay for one set and leave”, but I ended up staying all the way till the end. It’s my disease. I never leave a gig half way. I somehow always stay till the end. I don’t know why. It’s a good disease though.

It’s one of those adrenalin charged night. It was indeed.

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  1. # Blogger jayna

    Heh, did a google search when you said post photo on blog and here I am =)

    Liked the part when you mentioned staying till the end. This is like only my second show in the local music scene, and I'm already doing just that.  

  2. # Blogger nocturnal

    Wish I could've popped over for the gig!  

  3. # Anonymous William

    I was driving home when my mobile rang around 11pm that night. It was my vocalist - "Hey dude! Let's check out the gig at Laundry!"

    Hence, I made a U-Turn and popped by. Managed to catch Rhapsody's awesome set (first time catching them live) and met a few friends there.

    All of a sudden, I spotted Kevin with his guitar. Told my vocalist "Cool, think Kevin's gonna play". True enough, he delivered "Down" and the crowd, wanting more...he played his single "Scratch". Wicked!

    Immediately after the performance, I went up to Kevin to get a copy of his album "Midnight in St.Kilda" so I could listen to it on my way home.

    I listend to the entire album and loved it! But the track that caught my attention most -"Hey You (Piano version)" SIMPLE AMAZING!!!!

    You deserve the best from this debut album..all the best buddy!


    Cheers~ROCK ON!  

  4. # Blogger Broken Scar

    Hey Jayna, sorry I forgot to mention the blog url. Thanks for googling it up though.

    I ended up staying at the end of two gigs again today. Tiring, but it was super fun! You will never know what you'd be missing, so staying till the end is always worth it. hehe. Keep supporting our local acts...Hope to see you at more shows!

    Nocturnal, just pop by, anytime...*Wink

    Wow, William, you are far too kind man. Thanks a billion for those super cool words man. Thanks so much for all the support. You are such an inspiration and encouragement. It's coz of people like you that keeps me doing what I do. Glad you like the album man. Cheers!  

  5. # Blogger Broken Scar

    Oh William, thanks for dropping by and getting the album too man. Really appreciate it!  

  6. # Blogger S h e r v e

    oyeahh i want an album too! :D  

  7. # Blogger Broken Scar

    Not a problem Sherve. Will hand you a copy when I see you next. Laundry on the 15th?  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Haha..found myself a frequent visitor to your blog!

    *hint* *hint*

    We've uploaded our latest recorded material, Hill of Hopes (shipping it to Nick for mix+master). It'll be our 1st radio single ;)

    Your 2 cents would be highly appreciated dude!  

  9. # Anonymous William

    Haha..found myself a frequent visitor to your blog!

    *hint* *hint*

    We've uploaded our latest recorded material, Hill of Hopes (shipping it to Nick for mix+master). It'll be our 1st radio single ;)

    Your 2 cents would be highly appreciated dude!  

  10. # Blogger Broken Scar

    Hehe, will listen to the song tomorrow man. Can't wait! Been away from my pc way too long man.  

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