Down Under

Guess what? I'm currently in Melbourne for a holiday. I'll be here for about a month and a half, which means Broken Scar will be on a break till then.

Do check out Alda's other bands, Jazz Odyssey, Cosmic Funk Express and Shelley Leong's band at the Jazz Fest and various other venues. Click on the link below to Alda's blog for info and updates.

I'm hoping to play some open mike's here in Melbourne as there are heaps of venues that have them on weeknights.

There are lots of gigs happening nightly, anything from jazz to rock to techno and the gig magazines here are free and filled with loads of information. But for now, it's been food, food and food.

Food here is heavenly!

Will try to post pictures soon.

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  1. # Anonymous Aaron

    Dude, I told my friend who's attending Life Expedition (the church I was attending) about you and she said you're always welcome to the church. I told her about your music and she would like to check Broken Scar out. I'll e-mail her number to you. Cheers!  

  2. # Blogger Broken Scar

    That's cool. Thanks man.  

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