We Are One @ Hartamas Square



Look at the stall on the left


Broken Scar - Soul Reaper encore. I've grown so used to playing all the songs with the band, I can't help but to hear the band in my head the whole time.

The pictures above are courtesy of Darren Teh, taken at the "We Are One" acoustic series held at Hartamas Square. It's a weekly event and it will go on every Thursday. This was the first installment of the series and I'm honored to be a part of this project.

I just want to thank everyone who came out to watch me perform. I hope you had fun and enjoyed yourselves as much as I did playing to you.

Here's the setlist for the night.

1. Clocks
2. Silence
3. The Bleeding Confession
4. Down
5. Hey You
6. Scratch
7. Soul Reaper

This was a fantastic show thanks to the amazing crowd and the comforting company.

Special thanks to Alfred, Ben, Jeff, Rahul, Alda and the entire organizing committee for making such a wonderful event a success despite a minor blackout due to some TNB repair work.

*The time and date for this post is inaccurate. It's already Friday morning, by the time I got home to type this. This is just a reminder to myself...

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  1. # Blogger Julienne

    hello...sorry couldn't make it again. *sigh*  

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