Puzzle Piece Goodbye

Puzzle Piece Goodbye
by inkmarksofsu

If I painted another me
You’d like me a little less
Because you thrive in cynical banter
Just like it flows effortlessly -
Each and every yesterday.

If I painted another you
You’d like me not at all
Because you love to hate
And loving to despise flows effortlessly -
Whenever I’m around you.

So if I become another me
You’ll resent me none the less
Because a vintage journal is more enticing
It is pleasing to the reader’s eye -
As it holds content in volume with cyanide delight.

When there is another me
You’ll fade like footsteps in the sand
You could never love another me
The edges of my puzzle piece have chipped away -
It doesn’t fit the picture any more.

You are just you -
Loving the picture you reside in
I am just another me -
Your picture brings much discomfort
A picture that completes you -
As much as you incomplete me.

This piece was written by a good friend of mine and I just had to re-post it here to share it. I fell in love with the train of thought and how well it flows from start to end. This piece is simply BEAUTIFUL!

Shout out to you Su Su!

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