Light FM's Musical Challenge

I am currently in the top 12 in Melbourne's Light FM Musical Challenge. I'll be recording a live acoustic version of Shooting Star tomorrow afternoon at the Light FM studio and it will air tomorrow (Tuesday) evening between 630pm to 10pm.

Tune in to 89.9 to check out the song and also make sure you vote for it. You can also listen online at:

Vote by sending an sms to 0428 899 899

To read all about this Musical Challenge, click HERE.

Everything is happening at the same time. So many things to vote for, hence so many updates. Please bear with me. Thanks heaps guys! Your support is much appreciated.
Broken Scar's album, Midnight In St. Kilda is available on

2 Responses to “Light FM's Musical Challenge”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Wow. congratulation!! is it too late to join it now?  

  2. # Blogger Broken Scar

    Thanks heaps! No it's not too late to join. The competition closes on September 30. Quickly send in your entries.  

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