Pictures From Castlehill: The Mansion

The drive way up to the mansion

The van we've been travelling in. It doesn't look like it's huge from the outside, but it really is. Fit all six of us comfortably and the boys packed in all their gear too. The gear included a whole PDP drumkit, cymbals and hardware, two Marshall 1960 guitar cabs, two Marshall guitar heads, 1 Ampeg bass head, three guitars and a bass, two suitcases for cables and pedals and one flight case for misc cables. I think that's it. We all have one bag each for clothes and stuff as well as sleeping bags, air-beds, blankets and pillows.

The spiral staircase is just way cool

The long walk way on the first floor. The rooms are located on the left. I think there are six rooms on this floor.

The view from the front of the house

This lamp is just so old skool I had to take a picture of it

The Lounge Room

The main entrance

The TV/Living Room

Chilling on the..errmm..decks? Terrace?

The pool table on the groundfloor. This was where TBSA, the crew and I slept.

Check out the garage/workshop. I think it has everything you need. It's probably better equipped than a proper shop even.

Another view of the walk way

The outside driveway area

There was a coffin shaped swimming pool as well behind the house near the garden. The garden was probably as big as half a football field. There was a dedicated pool house too.I didn't manage to get any pictures. Hope the rest of the boys did.
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  1. # Anonymous shelley l

    looks like a cool pad.

    Wonderful to see you on tour! Keep up excellent - you know I'm always a fan, Kevin!!  

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