Wind Down

Okay, no more advertisements and gig announcements for now. The past two months have been heavily filled with gigs and almost nothing but gigs.

I just want to say a huge thank you, to everyone who has rocked up for our shows, listened to the radio for our brand new single and voted for the single. It has been a great time of catching up and partying! It's time now though, to take a little step back and take a breather as I head back to another half of my life that's waiting for me in Melbourne. I look forward to see all of you back in KL real soon, or you could always come visit me in Melbourne.

Please continue to vote for Shooting Star on Fly FM. It'll mean the world to me and the boys if it goes to number one. Please give us a third number one single.

Email FLY FM at: with the subject "Broken Scar" to vote.

Thanks heaps!

Broken Scar's album, Midnight In St. Kilda is available on

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  1. # Blogger Simon Lee (FLY-FM)

    just wanted to let you know i posted up your interview at coolios mate  

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