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"Life’s short..but it was really too short for this lil boy. the boy with the biggest heart.

I’m really deeply sadden to say that Alex, my drummer for cosmic funk express son Ashton, passed away today.

Ashton was born with heart problems. and it was always 50/50 for him to live. His parents did every single thing they could to save their son. but funny is the way of God that for this little boy to survive was not to be. Ashton to me was the most happiest of baby boy I’ve seen. he has this very cute blur and stoned look on his face everywhere he goes.

Alex and BB are great parents and I would have loved to have parents like them. to have brought their kids to gigs and basically is overall damn cool.

But as a dad? I wouldn’t know how Alex felt to have lost his son. I’ve always believe that "no parent should bury their Children". my heart goes out to the Ang Family. and i hope that they will find the strength to pull together in this horrible time.

For those who are interested in donating to Alex's condolence fund, you can contact me @016.3828222 or go to The Guitar Store Hartamas" - Alda Tan

I was at a lost for words when I received an SMS from Alda saying that little Ashton, Alex’s son had passed away. I was speechless, in shock and disbelief. I am still in disbelief, in denial and at a loss for words.

I simply cannot fathom the grief that Alex and BB is going through right now. The idea of that is way too out of reach and yet it is unfolding right in front of me. I don’t know what to think or say.

I am deeply saddened by this and pray that Alex and BB will find strength and that God will continue to strengthen them through this time of grief and loss. I offer my condolences to the Ang family.

I believe that little Ashton is in good hands and everything happens for a reason. Though I never really got the chance to bond with Ashton, he will always remain in my heart.

Head over to The Guitar Store Hartamas or call Alda if you would are interested in donating to Alex’s condolence fund.

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