Destroy Music Tour @ The Corner

This tour is presented by Destroy All Lines. All the bands featured on this tour are Aussie homegrowns, I Killed The Prom Queen being the most established hardcore band in the Aussie scene has toured the US with many other US bands.

The Corner Hotel. Most of the gig venues operate as a hotel with a bar, kitchen and gig area. The Corner is one of the most prominent venue for gigs in Melbourne. Others include the Evelyn Hotel, The Rainbow Hotel, Hi Fi Bar and many more.

The Side Stage

The Main Stage

Yes that's right, there are two stages in this venue. Quite unique to me as I have not seen such a set up like this before. However, this is not uncommon in Melbourne. There are other venues with quite similar setups.

Normally the opening acts will play on the side stage while the main acts will play on the main stage. If it's just a main act with one opening act, then the opening will start on the side stage and then the main act will go on. When I was here the last time, I was at the Killing Heidi show.

Killing Heidi was the main act, while there is another main act, 67 Special with two opening acts Knifeyard and Andromeda. So it went like this. Knifeyard: side stage, 67 Special: main stage, Andromeda: side stage, Killing Heidi: main stage.

For the Destroy Music Tour, obviously I Killed The Prom Queen played last on the main stage. But this gig's lineup was again, unique.

Unfortunately, I didn't get the name of this band. They started the gig on the main stage.

Miles Away from Perth took the side stage next.

I had to show you a pic of captured energy!

The crowd moshing and singing along...The singer, Nick is somewhere in there. Caught up with him after their set. Very nice and down to earth guy. Non of that rockstar nonsense.

The Getaway Plan then went on the main stage. The vocalist is energetic, unfortunately his bandmates did not display that much energy and emotion.

Again, I didn't catch their name. They took on the side stage.

More Moshing. It looks really violent. These guys are huge! Plus, I think I was the only Asian at the gig.

Main Stage: Looks different now eh? This is because every band here bring their own gear, everything from drums to the stack amps, guitars, basses, effects rack, the works. After each band's set, they move everything out and leave the stage empty (the mics for miking the drums, amps and vocal mics are left on stage) for the next band.

My favorite for the night, Behind Crimson Eyes

Aaron aka Az: Guitar & Vocals

Josh The Vocalist. This guy is insane! He has such sustain in his screams! The engineer complimented that with delays and reverb too.

Prashant aka Baz The Bassist. Doesn't he look a little like the Sum 41 dude?

I didn't manage to snap pictures of Kevin, the other guitarist/vocalist and the drummer, Steve. Drummers normally suffer from this don't they?

The star of the night. I Killed The Prom Queen.

Double guitar lines

Sean on bass.

There are two guitarists in IKTPQ, Jona and Kevin. I don't know which is which but both of them were killer! The solos were similar to those Soilwork lines. Afterall, they'll be working with Soilwork's producer in Sweeden soon for their next album. The guy to the right of Sean was crazy. I reckon he was playing rhythm guitar. He was moving so much and it's amazing how he keeps the chords and single lines constant with all that movement!

The camera died after this...

The pictures won't show much of the stage floor, but the floor was so clean as there weren't many cables all over the place. Most of the bands have wireless systems each for guitars and bass. The only cables running are the vocal mics and cables to the effects from the effects loop from the amp. If the band has only one vocalist and the guitarists don't use effects, then the stage would be super clean. They make sure that the wires from the amp to the effects are taped properly with gaffer tape.

I'm fascinated by all the different types of setups. (Sorry, this is for the musicians).

The common signal flow for the night are as follows:

Guitar -> Wireless Transmitter -> Wireless Receiver -> Amp

I saw most of the bands using a Boss Noise Suppressor (NS-2) and a Boss Chromatic Tuner (TU-2).They place these pedals right in front of the amp, which explains why after every song, they turn their backs to the crowd and head towards their amp. But I've been wondering how they wire their setups. Now, filled with a little regret, I should have asked the bands when I was at the show. They would have wired the effects through the effects loop from the amp.

All in all, it was a great night to be out! It was like a breath of fresh air. I've been looking forward to gigs in Melbourne for two years now! I think my expectations were a little too high because I was too excited and was anticipating the gig for such a long time. I had a great time! The bands were great, the sound was excellent! These guys are such pros. The kick drum sound especially deserves extra praise. You could feel the thud and the low rumbles, you hear it just perfect. It was so good that you could even smell it. The waves were just all over my senses. It was insane!

It would have been great if IKTPQ played their entire album and take up to 1.5 hours. It would have been a bomb.

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