The Conglomerate Live @ Bennetts Lane

Bennetts Lane Jazz Club

The Setup

Ollie McGill. This guy is a wicked pianist! Also plays piano and organ for The Cat Empire. You have to see him play if you ever have the chance to.

Harry Angus. Another crazy talent who also plays for The Cat Empire. An insane trumpet player and has a very unique voice coupled with entertaining lyrics about aliens, war and daily observations.

The Bedroom Philosopher. Jarvis Cocker's and Harry Potter's Love Child. Singer / Songwriter / Comedian. He is hilarious but not in the stupid humor way, his lyrics are smart and witty, he is entertaining and spontaneous.

This gig is the best gig I've seen ever. It was a gig filled with highly technical, skilled and entertaining musicians. It was pleasure to the ears without strain. A gig to remember for a lifetime.

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