Alexisonfire Live @ The Corner

The queue was long, it was raining and it was cold. But it was all worth it. The doors opened at 830pm. The queue for the alexisonfire merch was also long, but again, it was worth it. Bought an alexisonfire t-shirt.

The first band started playing while I was still buying the merch. I just couldn't help but to nod with the beats of the catchy tunes from this local band, Armageddon Sky.

L-R: Dan Oswin, Ian Oswin, Ryan Chamley

Adam Trafford on drums peeking from the back

A better look at Ian

Stage change over for the next band

The next band up was also an aussie band, Irrelevant

See what lighting could do?

This guy is an all-rounder. He's the bass, guitar and drum tech for alexisonfire. Alexisonfire had their own crew touring with them.

The main stage with alexisonfire's setup

Dallas' Pedal Board

Tuning up...

Feel the energy?

Chris the bassist is insane on stage!

Robotman Chris

George (Vocals) on the right

Dallas (Guitars & Vocals), on the left

L-R: Jesse (Drums) & Chris (Bass)

Wade (Guitars & Vocals)

Alexisonfire were indeed on fire. These guys blew me away playing familiar tunes as well as some new ones. The crowd went crazy the moment the band hit the first chord.

Alaxis displayed maturity, confidence and professionalism. They were humble and they hung out with the crowd after the show. Yours truly got a chance to snap some shots with all the members except George.

Oh not forgetting the SOUND! The opening bands had great sound but the vocals were a little drowned. But when Alexis came on, they tore the place apart. All the vocals were loud and clear, instruments were well balanced and the drums were tight! I should have brought earplugs to block out some of the high frequencies. I was on the left side of the stage, right in front, under the FOH speakers! Though I didn't get the FOH sound, I got to see the band up close.

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    omigod!!! alexisonfire!!! i envy u kevin!!!


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