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It's been a bit of a tradition that I do the things that I love on my birthday every year. This year I hung out with my family for the first half of the day then mixed FOH for Bridge Church's prayer night later. So incredibly blessed to get to do what I love and be in the house of God. Double win!

This time around it brought back some memories of the "doing what I love on my birthday" theme from ten years ago. A little blast from the past if you may indulge me.

It was a Friday on my birthday in 2005. My best friend Alda and I were recording what would be my first album, Midnight In St Kilda. We had a great session recording Alda's bass parts, some of my acoustic guitar parts and vocals. After that we went to the Chinese restaurant around the corner from the studio to grab some dinner.

Me: Dinner is on me tonight bro. Lets order as much as we want.
Alda: Eh, why lah?
Me: It's my birthday.
Alda: Why didn't you tell me it was your birthday bro?...
We ordered food for four people between the two of us. We polished everything, no surprise.

Great conversations and lots of laughs were had. So on my birthday ten years ago, I got to hang out with my best friend and record music! I guess that was where this whole tradition started.

Anyway, here's the second single off the record called Down that went to #1 on XFresh FM's Independent Chart in Malaysia. It features Alda on bass, Manshaan on drums and Zack Kim on lead guitar.

It was such a privilege to have Zack record on this track with me. He's the dude that played the Super Mario Theme on two guitars and had millions of hits on YouTube. I couldn't find the original upload of it, but here's one of the many re-uploads around.

These were some of the best times in my life and I can't believe that it's been ten years now.
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