Hello From Cambodia

Hello from Siem Reap, Cambodia! I would have uploaded pictures if I had not forgotten my camera cable. I've been having a ball since I arrived on Sunday morning. It's been an amazing experience, taking in the sights and sounds.

Despite what people say about Asian countries being dirty and all, it's actually very nice here. It's very dusty and it always smells like something is burning, but if you just overlook that and see the beauty this place has to offer, it is actually such a fantastic place to holiday!

I feel like a king here. I've been drinking coconut water and soaking by the pool, living it up.
We've been riding in "tuktuk's" and being chauffeured around. Plus, I just got back from a full body massage. It is super affordable here and I am definitely going to go for more. Food here is pretty good too. I've yet to go to the Angkor Wat, but that is definitely in my plans.

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