Please Continue To Vote for Broken Scar

SMS: Type "Campur BS" and send it to 33399

Web: http://www.flyfm.com.my/campurchart.asp

Email: campurchart@gmail.com with the subject "Broken Scar". You can either send in a blank email, or type a short one-liner, e.g: "I would like to request for Broken Scar's Shooting Star" or "I want to vote for Broken Scar"

That's all. It cost nothing at all, so feel free to email them as many times as you can.

You can also listen to the show online at:
http://rs9.radiostreamer.com:11000 and http://campurchart.blogspot.com/

The chart plays at 7PM on Sundays and repeats on Tuesday 12AM.

To listen to the radio mix of the track, log on to:

We're currently #2 on the chart so please continue to vote for us to go to the #1 spot! Do spread the word. Thanks heaps.

Broken Scar's album, Midnight In St. Kilda is available on www.mytracks.com/brokenscar

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