Procrastinating 101 Session 2

You would think all this procrastinating will make me feel extremely guilt and buck up immediately right? Well, I do feel guilty that I got ZERO work done since Tuesday but I am happy and it was definitely worth it. So what did I add to the "how to procrastinate" list? Here it is.

Went guitar hunting/shopping with Bennie. He drove, which meant we could go to more shops compared to if we were to hop on the trams. The Acoustic Centre in South Melbourne was awesome! Great selection and great people. We also went to Manny's, Gallin's and Frontier Music in Fitzroy and lastly, Music Swop on Elgin Street. It was a great day just geeking out at guitars! Saw a few beauties that I might have fallen in love with.

Had cell group in the evening as well. It was a great time!

Watched a movie with Evelyn. Caught, Definitely, Maybe. It was a nice romantic comedy. Quite a tearjerker too.

Went to see Saosin, Envy On The Coast, The Receiving End Of Sirens and Scary Kids Scaring Kids at The Corner Hotel. I didn't stay to watch Thursday though.

Went to Soundwave Festival! This one deserves a post on its own. It was awesome! I am sunburnt and dead tired, but it was worth it! I finally got to watch Killswitch Engage live! Woooohoooooooo!

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