Okay, so the blog has been terribly neglected lately. Well, it’s because I’ve been juggling work, gigs, hanging out with friends and spending time with family. I only have a month left back home before I leave for Melbourne. It’s not the end of the world, but I just want to make sure that I’ve “lived” it up while I’m here.

So the Starbucks Music Series has just ended for me, tonight. The series is still going on with other acts on the bill though. Broken Scar played at three different Starbucks outlets as a duo, with Alda on bass. We played at Starbucks Bangsar, Sunway Pyramid and finally the Damansara Town Centre outlet. All three venues were amazing and heaps of fun!

I just want to take this time to thank everyone who came out to see us. We had a great time playing to such wonderful and responsive audiences throughout our sets over the three dates. We made new friends a long the way as well as we spent good times hanging out with a whole bunch of good friends. The post gig hanging out is always heaps of fun that it seems almost compulsory to have that’s session. It’s cool how we could talk about everything under the sky from past gig experiences to cars and go-karts.

Thank you, Starbucks Coffee for providing great venues and a fantastic platform for musicians to reach out to the public, KLue Magazine for organizing and covering the shows and Digi for sponsoring these shows, bring them to another level higher! Thanks Warren for inviting Broken Scar and giving us this opportunity to be a part of this prestigious series.

Thanks to those who bought our CDs as well. I hope you are enjoying it.

Oh, I also did an interview with The Star earlier before the Starbucks show with Debbie Chan. It was such a laidback, relaxing interview. I wish that all interviews were like this one. I had a great time and it was fun taking those funny pictures. It’s hard to be natural and pretend that the camera is not there when the flash just keeps going off and the sound of the shutter keeps clicking, but it was nevertheless, tones of fun!

As I sit here typing, I recall all these wonderful, sometimes crazy off topic conversations that spark from every meeting with different individuals at shows, after shows or the usual hanging out with my friends. Oh, not forgetting the long drives and the conversations that come with it.

In the past six months, I’ve made so many new friends that I wish I had more time to spend with them before I leave. Oh well, I guess the reality of it is kicking in real hard but there’s always the power of technology, email and msn to keep in touch.

I feel that the best things in life are the little things, and family and friendship are one of the things that are so common that they tend to be brushed aside and subconsciously, taken for granted. I’ve always cherished little moments as I’m a “moments” person, but it’s more apparent now that I’ll be leaving the country.

I guess watching “Lake House” and “Click” has also put me in this little emo phase. Haha. By the way, those two movies are awesome! I’d definitely want to watch them again. Really good heartfelt movies. Not forgetting “Pirates 2” and “Tokyo Drift”.

So this is what happens when you neglect your blog for too long. You end up writing long essays about your life story and whining. I’ve got so much to say, but my mind seems to be speeding faster than my fingers can type.

“I’ve got so much to say, but there’s so little time”, Venus In September. I do write what I mean in my songs.

I’ll probably be writing about where I work and what I do in the next post or so. Just for the heck of it. Goodnight for now.

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  1. # Anonymous shelley leong

    Goodnight Kevin.

    Ah... bleh... urg. I'll be sad to see you go mate. I've only known you for maybe 3 years, but i've felt that we somehow grew up together. I've watched you get better and better each time you perform, and I'm so proud of you. And each time, you always maintain your ability to see the lighter side of the day.

    People in Australia will be lucky to have a friend in you, Kevin.  

  2. # Blogger Broken Scar

    Awww Shelley, I feel exactly the same too. It's as if we know each other more than we really have. Like I said, we're family and I'm thankful that we're all a part of it. Thanks heaps Shell, for everything.  

  3. # Anonymous bianca



  4. # Blogger bihzhu

    now i know i own that "line". thanks sweetie. you know you're gonna be where you're supposed to be. so stay happy... :)  

  5. # Blogger su-ann

    totally hear where you're coming from... my friend once told me, when you have 2 homes (ie. oz and msia).. it's sad because you're always missing home. :)

    awsome shows in kl.. awsome album dude..

    will u be doing any shows in melb? hope to catch ya there when i head down!  

  6. # Blogger Broken Scar

    Yeah, always missing home either way eh? Will defintiely do as many shows as I can there. Though I don't really know how it works there and how it's like to get gigs. Will hit the open mics first I guess.  

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